Enpower Japan Corp. is a startup spinoff from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The company’s founders are highly experienced researchers and industry experts in the field of battery technologies, with extensive experience in research and manufacturing, both domestic and international. Having forged partnerships with leading battery experts across the world’s top research institutions, Enpower seeks to consistently improve the quality of solid electrolyte materials for all-solid-state batteries, and share those breakthroughs with the rest of the world.

Among all the possible electrolyte materials in the world, Enpower’s patented sulfide solid electrolyte boasts the highest ionic conductivity. The development of solid-state batteries is ramping up all over the world, and Enpower’s patented technologies are quickly being regarded as a core component of any all-solid-state battery. The technological improvements the company is focused on now include increasing the production of sulfide solid electrolytes and developing all-solid-state batteries.

Enpower is now working to commercialize its solid electrolyte and all-solid-state battery technology through sustained collaboration with its network of industry partners.